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We pride ourself on thinking outside the box. We try to give our customers as many options as possible with their projects. We listen to the customers needs and wants when doing an addition or a remodel. We come up with ideas that wow the customers. Most other contractors try to take the easy way out and stick with what’s simple. Not us. We enjoy the challenge of fancy custom tile work in your bathroom, or multi level decks. Custom trim work or you name it.

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Started over 6 years ago by Matt Spangenberg, Contractor Solution LLC has been thriving and growing each year. Matt has over 15 years experience in residential construction and personally oversees each and every project.

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We only hire high quality, skilled, consciences, polite and morally excellent employes. We keep most things in house. Which means the guys you meet the first day to do the demo are the same guys who are doing the electric, plumbing, painting and tile. That means no down time between phases of work.

Once we start your project we will not pull off until it is complete. Your convenience is number one. You get to know the guys working on your home and never have to worry about who will be coming the next day.

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